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Bolting Initiative Information

The replacement of old or damaged bolts in Southern Nevada is of major importance to us.

Please help us identify routes that have bolts in need of replacement.
Whether it is a 20+ year old quarter incher that looks ready to fall off on its own, or a new looking 1/2″ bolt that just seems a little questionable, we’d like to know about it. Identifying which bolts need attention is the first step in evaluating if and when we can take action. If you know of such a route/bolt, please list on our forum thread for bad bolts on Mountain Project.

Mountain Project

If you don’t have or use mountain project please email Adam Floyd so that he can add it.


We’ll keep an inventory of these routes and with the help of the American Safe Climbing Association, we’ll do what we can. THANK YOU!!!!!!

Rebolting Mentor Program

We are currently recruiting volunteers for our rebolting mentorship program to help us replace unsafe anchors in Southern Nevada.  

This is an important and critical skill set involving precise use of tools and hardware and long lasting decisions.  Rebolting involves lots of time, often a day or more for a single pitch route to make sure everything is right.  It can be very rewarding and fulfilling work, as well as feeling like a day of volunteer construction work while hanging on a rope.  

So if heavy packs and a good dose of suffering sound like fun to you, email Adam for more information on our rebolting mentorship program.


Bolting Ban Information

There is currently no bolting allowed in designated wilderness areas.

To help identify the areas where there is no bolting allowed, we created some useful maps not only showing the wilderness areas in Southern Nevada, but also pointing out local crags in those areas to help orient climbers. This is a work in progress, so we will be uploading additional maps as we create them.

The following website is also extremely useful is finding out about wilderness areas around the country:

Please let us know if you have any questions or comments. To contact us, please click here.


La Madre Wilderness – Calico Hills & Kraft

La Madre Wilderness – Lone Mountain West

La Madre & Rainbow Wilderness – Willow Springs & White Rock

Rainbow Wilderness – North Red Rock

Rainbow Wilderness – Middle North Red Rock

Rainbow Wilderness – Middle South Red Rock

Rainbow Wilderness – South Red Rock