Carpooling and Parking

Parking opportunities at Red Rock exist at every pull-out, however, as we all know these areas can get very congested and in an effort to save angst and fuel (and carbon emmissions), carpooling is a great idea. Once upon a time we had a parking area at the Red Rock entrance gate where climbers would meet, leave a vehicle and share a ride around the loop. That parking lot is gone and since then climbers, hikers, cyclists, and other recreationists have gone to parking areas east of Red Rocks, mostly along Charleston, to find places to meet. The most recent location was the shopping center at the NEC of Charleston and Desert Foothills. It is the west most shopping center along Charleston and has a good many stores that are convenient for user groups, such as Dunkin Donuts and Albertsons. The property management company for that project has placed signs discouraging long term parking and warning of towing violator’s vehicles. While we are working with the property management company to come to an agreement on some allowed parking for recreational user groups, we have some alternatives we’d like to recommend and also offer some information on other courses of action we are pursuing.

The map above shows several alternative parking areas which include the public school on the SWC of Charleston & Desert Foothills, Red Rock Casino, and the Best Buy Shopping Center at 215 and Charleston. All these are great alternatives and I know more exist.

We are supposed to begin discussions with the property managers for the Desert Foothills & Charleston Shopping Center in February 2014 and hope to arrive at an agreement allowing for some recreational use parking in designated areas.

We’re working with other user groups to create a joint effort to have some real dialogue with the BLM concerning additional parking for Red Rock outside the loop. We feel this is the best strategy for creating a long term solution to parking issues for all user groups.

Park Hours and Camping Information

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