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2017 Parking Guidance

Did you know there’s little more than a dozen designated spots at the 2nd Pullout?  

With new renovations in the scenic loop, and subsequent increased parking enforcement, the Southern Nevada Climbers Coalition has some new recommendations for parking in the Scenic Loop for 2017.

New parking lot numbers:
1st Pullout (Cailco 1): 167 parking spots, increased from 42
2nd Pullout (Calico 2): 13 parking spots or so designated, no change
Sandstone Quarry: 97 parking spots, increased from 72
Pine Creek: 79 parking spots, increased from 22

Long and short — don’t park on the road, and if you want to climb at 2nd Pullout, you might have to hike a little more.

If you want to climb in the 2nd Pullout, consider preemptively parking at the 1st Pullout.  There’s a TON of parking now, and it’s less than a mile of extra hiking.  Alternatively,  reactively park at Sandstone.  It’s about a mile of extra hiking, but it’s better than driving the 13 mile loop for nothing, and much better than an expensive ticket.

-make plans with friends to meet somewhere outside of the park and consolidate into one vehicle prior to entering. There are numerous benefits for this including less carbon emissions within the park, less parking spaces consumed in the park and total cost savings upon entry as it is a flat rate per vehicle. Places to meet up include the BLM campground, the gravel parking lot just outside of the entrance gate on Hwy 159 and the gravel parking lot just outside the exit of the loop road on Hwy 159.

Early Bird Gets the Route
If the thought of hiking an extra mile makes you cringe, the park gate opens at 6am and the visitor center opens at 8am.  Regardless of your destination, go early to get a spot — most people will start entering the park around 9:00am and by 10:00 am you might be waiting in line outside the park on Hwy 159 during peak season.

Drop Off/ Pick Up
-if possible coordinate a drop off and pick up at the trail head with a friend or other ride sharing service. If someone is planning on a rest day, coordinate with them to drive you into the park and drop you off at your destination with a pick up scheduled for later. This is a good idea if it is later in the day and you missed out on the early bird approach.

Other Parking Options
-if all lots are full, the park is temporarily “closed” due to heavy volume, or you don’t want to risk going into the park to find a parking spot, it is possible to park in Calico Basin and hike over. The main parking lot there is Red Springs and it is also under BLM management. This is a good place to park as another means to approach the Calico 1 trailhead (First Pull Out) or other crags located on the Southern most aspect of Calico Hills. For other trailheads such as Calico 2 (Second Pull Out) or Sandstone Quarry trailheads, there is no easy approach from here, essentially you just keep hiking.

We hope this helps with your experience at Red Rock Canyon.


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